Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monsters Who Torment Poor Freshmen

Yesterday I taught a listening lesson on Halloween and then last night about 6 freshmen visited the Tree House. I asked them what types of scary things are in China. Witches and vampires are not so common but ghosts and zombies, plus monsters, are. I didn't understand their description of the monsters though. They kept talking about a little rabbit. I didn't understand how a little rabbit could be a monster.

Then I asked them, "Since there are no witches, who does magic in China?" They replied that even today villages have men with yin yang compasses who determine where good water is, where a good place is to bury the dead, and other things. Then we talked about fortune tellers who can tell you stuff from throwing coins, from your face, or from your palms. The students laughed when discussing it not believing in that kind of stuff.

Then they told me about the bad boys who live in a building right next door to theirs who throw trash into their dorm room through the window. They have a corner room on the 4th floor and the boys are on the 5th floor opposite their window. The poor bullied freshmen had to pay a huge sum of 18 RMB (6 meals) to have the window fixed and replaced.


shelly said...

hey i heard peace corps doesnt like blogs very much. i like your blog. does peace corps give you a hard time about it?

Dr. Jen said...

Where did you hear that PC doesn't like blogs very much? It all depends on what you are writing. If you are writing political stuff that a government wouldn't like then that would be bad. Otherwise blogs help volunteers accomplish Peace Corps' goal number 3 of helping Americans learn more about other countries.