Monday, February 21, 2011

Eggs on a Stick

Eggs on a stick are a common street food except in my city, so traveling and getting to eat these tasty treats was great.  Whose eggs do you think are tiny enough to put on a stick?  The shells of the eggs have lots of dark brown spots.
Today is the first day of my last semester as a teacher in Peace Corps.  For five years I've been a teacher and I am feeling AAAHHH... Can't believe that for the past five years I've been working as a teacher.  I spent five years being a chemistry graduate student, then looked for something new to do.  I've spent five years working as an English, physics, chemistry, and math teacher and have no idea what my next adventure will be, hopefully something new.  People go to school, get a degree then spend years working in one field researcher, teacher, engineer, worker in non-profits.  What happens to us who don't follow that path, who skip around going from one field to another?  Am I shooting myself in the foot by jumping around not settling into one career?

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