Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Net has been Down

or so I thought... 
Tonight I learned that there is a new system.  We are suppose to delete the IP address and voila we are automatically online.  I spent several days just waiting coz the net often goes offline.  I just waited thinking the big mysterious problem with the net would be fixed by the computer people.  It never occurred to me that I could fix it myself. 
How I have changed living abroad...  Instead of feeling like I can control the things in my life, I just wait and wait and wait.  Weird.  Five years ago, I'd probably have called someone right away if my Internet wasn't working, but now? 
I waited for seven days and just by random chance learned how to fix it. 
At tonight's going away banquet, I asked the other foreign teachers, "Hey has your net been down?" 
They said, "Nah, a teacher came and deleted the IP address.  Now it works." 
I thought, "Oh."
Now that I have the net back, I'll be offline for a while.  Going on vacation.  I will be checking out Inner Mongolia.

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