Saturday, August 06, 2011

First Impression of my New Neighborhood

On an empty Saturday, living in a hotel can be a bit boring, so I decided to scope out my new home.
My university is in a neighborhood of new wide sidewalks and streets, empty of cars and people.  The place is like a research park that only fills up from 9-6 pm then becomes a ghostville.  Luckily there is a subway entrance right outside of the front gate of the university that will take me to the back alleyways of Chengdu.  The area is actually a biking paradise with its wide streets empty of cars.  I even bet the countryside is just down the street.  Even though I am surrounded by new buildings rather than back alleyways of food, color, and Chinese flavor I am in a place where I will be able to bike and have quick subway access to markets, food and colorful sights that I love.
I feel like my new neighborhood is like Huntsville, AL or Redmond, WA.  Who would have thought I'd end up living in a research park in China?  At least I'll be able to commute safely to and from the PC office by bike and there's nothing to spend on coz the few places that do exist are too chic.

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Rich Erickson said...

Finally, dear friend, I am reading your blog. I will be excited to hear about your Chengdu life. We are finally settling back home after a busy summer of travel here and there, after China mostly to visit family here in the states. We are expecting a young Chinese girl for a month, one who has taken advantage of or been taken advantage of by the work/travel opportunities that so many agencies offer students from all over the world. Our second Chinese visitor. More to come? Hope you'll be one of our visitors one of these years. Man man zou.