Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random Tidbits from a Relaxing Weekend

Monday night I wanted to patch a flat but found a razor that slashed too many places to be fixable which meant I needed a new tube.  My plan for a Tuesday 80 km bike trip to and from the Zebra Music Festival came to a screeching halt. 

I have realized that I don't sleep well in Chengdu.  It is just too noisy living beside a construction site that never seems to stop working.  There is always some type of machine that drones on throughout the night.  Then when I am just about to fall into a deep slumber I wake up because at 4 am the machine suddenly stops, disrupting my body's attempt to adapt to sound waves attacking my ear drums.

I have realized that my runs aren't peaceful because I lesson plan while going round the track.

I read a Time's article that reported exercise doesn't always help people lose weight because after a run people will reward themselves with food thus canceling out any good the burnt calories might have had.  There is evidence that claims the better way to lose weight is to record what you eat.

Today while eating beef and rice, the person I was sharing a table with asked in Chinese, "Which ethnic minority are you?"  I wonder what about me today made me look like an ethnic minority instead of Han Chinese.  I was wearing a black T-shirt, a necklace bought in Gannan, a T autonomous region of China, and a black leather bracelet.  Maybe it was the necklace?

I can't decide which type of day/week I prefer.
Is it better to be extremely busy or to live a relaxing day of non-productivity?  Stress versus guilt?
I loved my relaxing weekend, but then today I started feeling a bit of a depressing guilt creep in. 


I am dreading it but also thinking maybe it is healthier- back to the grind on Wednesday.

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