Friday, May 05, 2006


I started the Peace Corps application process at the end of my 6 years of graduate school. It would have been smarter to start it a year before graduation. I would have then had medical insurance to help pay for some of the medical tests for the application process.

For those who are interested in the Peace Corps application timeline, here is mine. Each person's application is unique and my timeline would be different from others.

August 2005 Started online application
September 2005 Submitted online application
November 1, 2005 Interview in Atlanta and was nominated for Francophone Africa as a science teacher
Week later received medical application forms
February 4, 2006 Submitted medical forms
April 11, 2006 Medically cleared
April 24, 2006 Invited to teach secondary science: physics and chemistry in Guinea, Africa leaving July 5, 2006

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mesha harris said...

Hey Jennifer,

I am so excited for you!! That is so wonderful!! I hope that you enjoy your trip tremendously. We have to keep in touch, I would love to visit you or send you something if you need it. I will write you later. Mesha