Monday, May 08, 2006

French my new language

I have started listening to French tapes to start refreshing my tongue since Guinea's official language is French; although, many people don't know French. I will have to learn the local language of the village I will be living in.

The challenge of teaching science in French is daunting. I never majored in French. I don't really write French that well. The reason I know conversational French is because when I was about 12 I attended a French speaking school where I sat not understanding a thing for about half a year. Does that background give me the credentials to teach in French?



Anonymous said...

Hey folks. Have a safe trip and I'll holla. Peace.


Anonymous said...

It's a really good news that you start learning French again. It will be easier for me to talk with you later.
have a good trip jen and I am always hoping to see you in France on day.

Your french's friend

andre said...

don't be scared. It's a good news for me.


Evolvingthinker said...

Hey Andre,
I don't have your contact info. Send me an e-mail?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen
my email is always the same :

I hope you'll love your trip in Africa. it's a beautiful country with many kind persons