Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day 14 in Mali

We spent 14 days on standfast in Guinea.
We have spent 14 days consolidated for training in Mali.

Au village, I was alone.
Au Mali, I am with 106 Americans.

Au village I ate rice and sauce, fresh fruit, and cooking project dishes.
Au Mali, I eat eggs and pancakes, rice and sauce, and Western food for dinner spaghetti, mac and cheese steak and green beans.

Au village, I finished 6 books, wrote 10 page letters, worked on art projects, worked on community building by going to ceremonies and carrying rocks.
Au Mali, I souvenir shop, play ping pong, ultimate frisbee, flag football, watch music videos and Gray's Anatomy, eat chocolate, take educational training classes for if we return to Guinea, talk with people about our futures.

Time in Mali is coming to an end.
Political unrest in Guinea is not.

Where will I be next?

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