Monday, May 11, 2009

Clothes Shopping and Tailors

I really hate shopping for clothes in China. There are several reasons:

  1. I have to change my fashion taste of simple cuts and single colors for rhinestones, shiny decals, ruffles, lace, bright colored floral and geometric patterns, and jewel like buttons.
  2. Finding clothes that fit my broad shoulders can be frustrating.
  3. Knowing when and if to bargain makes my heart flutter with worry. I really hate bargaining.

My success with tailors?

Well I have had three pieces of clothing copied from clothes that I had tailored made in Africa.

Two of the three were not copied perfectly.

Because I like wearing my pants at my hips rather than around my belly button, the tailor wasn't sure what to do with the crotch and I have a nice pair of warm winter pants whose crotch is too low. Those pants cost 90 RMB.

I had a dress copied. The armholes were way too big such that you can see my bra and rather than being a tightly fitting dress it is more like a nightgown. Hopefully, tomorrow they will fix it. It cost 100 RMB.

I had another pair of pants copied which were copied perfectly. They cost 100 RMB

I want to get a western style sundress made from a picture I found on the internet; however, I am a bit worried. Maybe I should stick with the styles that the tailors are familiar with like a button down form fitting collared shirt.

I accompanied a friend to an expensive tailor who is making her a Tang dress, a traditional Chinese dress. I think they are very pretty; however, I am not sure when and where I would wear one. They are really formal and expensive. Her dress cost 255 RMB.

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Kristina said...

Ugh, I know how that goes. I've gone to tailors twice and both times they did the arms incorrectly and they had to do it over. Finding a good tailor is difficult... and it's pretty pricey!

Hope all is well up there otherwise! :)