Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning

At 6 am this morning I ran through empty streets while holding my breath every time I passed the dust cloud of street sweepers dressed in their orange vests and black mouth covers. I ran to our local park which has a 25 cent entry fee except in the mornings when it is free. Loud techno music was blaring from this park and elderly people were dancing. With my fingers in my ears I ran past them hoping for a more quiet moment in the park that has a large man made lake with pretty bridges and amusement park rides. As the techno music dimmed, I felt like I had entered a Disney wildlife adventure ride where speakers blare the sounds of the animals. But it wasn't speakers, it was 20 people exercising their vocal cords, loud shouts and extended notes very primal sounds.

After a 50 minute run I played a bit of basketball, but only played three games. 10 baskets win each game. Then I went to the back gate and got a bowl of red bean porridge with long deep fried bread that you dip into the porridge. I sat down and then a couple of students sat down with me, getting their morning breakfast before a 3.5 hour lecture on linguistics. It really is a pleasant way to spend a morning, joining in the community of early risers.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday. I enjoy and appreciate your writing. I know you probably have things you would rather be doing, but trust me when I say it helps us here in "The States", especially at this time of near silence over there.

Dr. Jen said...

Actually, I have a lot of free time in China and like working on my writing. They say that if you write everyday you are exercising one's writing skills. Maybe years from now my writing will be so much better because of my bad first drafts, an observation by Ann Lamott author of Bird By Bird. I wish I could post more personal thoughts about various topics but I self-censor. Thanks for reading.