Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Day Lost in Translation

At bedtime, I started New Moon by Stephanie Meyer and finished it in the wee hours of the morning. I bought the series as a gift for the English majors who were interested in reading the books after seeing the movie Twilight.

The morning light didn't bother my deep sleep and it wasn' t until 8 am, a late hour for me that I was able to finally pull myself free from my comforter, a warmth to the dreariness of days of rain and gloomy cloud cover. I have only been home two nights, and the darkness is already seeping in.

Rubbing my eyes, I tumbled to the computer looking for something human in the quiet isolation and solitude of living in a country surrounded by people, people who even when they talk to me isolate me more with my inability to connect and understand the language. Within all of the noise, my soul feels the deepness of the silence.

Dishes were washed.
Chicken was cut.
Spinach and cilantro were soaked.
Clothes were agitated by the machine.
A soup was made and eaten as breakfast.
Summer fashions were rinsed.
Wrung out and hung by hand.
Will the gray dry them?
One ball of yarn was knitted through.
Soup was heated and eaten as lunch.
A nap was taken.
Red tea was sipped and See's Candy was bitten into.

The movie Lost in Translation was watched in 2 minute chunks.
Streaming was slow today.
Wait two minutes.
Click play.
Watch two minutes.
Wait. Click. Watch. Wait. Click. Watch.
Didn't even get to finish it when the website cut out.

Water and spinach was added.
Soup was eaten for dinner.
Another ball finished.
Another yarn ball added.
Music was listened to.

Who will break my fall? -Brandi Carlile

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