Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Sweater: Finished

It took one month for me to finally finish my very first knitted sweater. I probably could have finished it faster if it hadn't been so cold in the places where we were traveling. One might assume that knitting warms up fingers. Actually when it is cold, I just want to snuggle into a ball under heavy blankets with only my nose peeking out. I spent many nights and mornings like that. Knitting was done in sporadic moments of sunshine.

I am quite pleased with my knitted sweater. It fits great. I like it a lot.
There were only a few problems.

1. The collar looks a bit funky because I started the ribbed collar right after I cast on. This was a mistake. Note to self: Next time do the ribbed collar at the end by picking up stitches.
2. There is some uneven knitting where the double pointed needles met. Trying to prevent ladders, I would tug on the second stitch to tighten everything up. Instead a new problem cropped up where I got a very visible line of very loose stitches. Also, the decreases were very visible. I wonder are there invisible decreases?I have enough yarn left-over to knit another blue sweater. I plan on using size 0-2 needles. It is the Chinese way. The yarn is meant for tiny metal needles. I am in China. I should make a Chinese sweater using the techniques that the women here are using.

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alison said...

Congrats, it's great!