Friday, February 26, 2010

Teaching Schedule

For the past 3 semesters, I have had a random schedule of teaching 10-12 hours a week, sometimes even just 4 hours a week for half a semester when the seniors were doing their teaching practice. I never taught five days a week.

This semester I have 16 hours a week and will be teaching five days a week. My 4 freshmen listening classes have been combined into two, so instead of having 30 students per class, now I will have 60 students per class. I will be teaching 3 senior classes of English Short Stories. I have killed so many trees lately since they have no book and I have to prepare a book for them.

It will be a busy semester. My sitemate and I received grant money to do secondary projects: English Club for Women, English Club for Knitters, Writing Club, Book Club, Reading Competition, Yoga Club, Cooking Club and buy books to stock the Tree House English Community Center. Plus if I want to continue learning Chinese, then I will have to make time for Chinese corner and lessons.

Yep, busy, busy semester.

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