Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last days in China: 10 Positives

I've been feeling exhausted, but I will write about 10 positive things instead of the heavy workload, long list of things to do, mid-term exams, essays from my writing course, Chinese lessons, workshops, inability to stop eating and 24 hr construction outside my bedroom window.

1.  A quarter slice of a whole pineapple is only $0.25 and it is served on a stick!
2.  I've been running and/or biking every day; although, I am finding it a bit strange that my feelings of stress haven't felt lighter because of the daily exercise.
3.  The new resource room has just been furnished, so office hours will be moving to the new room next week.
4.  I bought new clothes and LOVE them.
5.  I am picking up a new blue and white flower tailor made dress tomorrow.
6.  My COS date is June 14th with cash in lieu.  My start date with TFC is June 18th.
7.  The dean of my English department approved and is cool with the above timeline.
8.  I have a pile of books to read and just finished three from the series, The Mortal Instruments.
9.  No cavities found by the dentist.
10.  I was able to commute once by bike to my countryside campus this week. 

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M said...

Hello Jennifer from East Gansu.
Just remembered that.
man you need someone to talk photos of our clothes and all !
Nice reading positive things.