Friday, April 06, 2012

2 sizes bigger

Living in Chengdu with all of its temptations, going to Paris, going through a 4 stage interview process, and teaching full time wile doing the PCVL job are things that have not contributed to my waistline in a positive way.  I tend to eat my stress or if there are tempting delights like in Paris, then my self-control if I ever had any goes out the window.

Last semester I didn't worry so much.  I was commuting by bike at least 80 km/week.

Instead of wearing my ethnic skirts and colorful tailor made dresses and blouses, I decided to buy one casual blue/gray professional outfit.  I really hate shopping in China because everything is too small; therefore, I went to a store with a western brand that actually had larger sizes.  Not having a scale in my house, I really have a hard time knowing my weight fluctuations.  In Africa it was even easier not to care about my body image since there were no mirrors except for the small round one that would sit on the desk.  It was in that Swedish store that I learned the truth.  I had gone from US size 10-12 to size 14-16.  Bleh.  I had the data.  I haven't bought a piece of American sized clothing in 6 years and voila, I had solid proof that my waistline had grown.

I love food.  I don't diet.

Instead, I have started exercising more.  Last week I went on a 4 hr bike ride that turned into 6.5 hours due to getting lost, and then yesterday I went on a 45 minute run.  I got up early to go to the track, but all of the gates were locked even though there were a bunch of people exercising on the football field.  I ran from here to there and finally found the person sized hole torn in the metal gate.  Ah China...  it tries to have strict rules.  No one is allowed on the sports field.  Look at the locked gates.  Alas, its citizens find a way around it.

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