Saturday, March 31, 2012

Unemployment Update

So yes, I will not enter post-COS (close of service) as unemployed.

After 6 years with Peace Corps as a volunteer, I will soon be officially employed.  I have formally accepted the job offer as Program Manager with Teach for China, a 2 year commitment with opportunities to stay and climb the career ladder.  It is kind of funny that I will be living in China for another two years.  I never studied Chinese with an intensity because of a motivation to find a job in China, but here I am after 4 years in China, language skills still somewhat basic, starting a job where strong language skills would be an asset.

Am I lucky or what?  I tend to jump from opportunity to opportunity, getting to explore incredible cultures from Alabama, Seattle, Africa, to China.  Am I living the dream, or just settling for opportunities because they are offered, making decisions based on the fear of not having security?  Have I stopped and really explored what I want to do?  Well I do know that my resume with its career objective was written way before I ever heard about the positions at Teach for China, a perfect match with my resume. 

Am I following my heart?  Well, at least I am out of chemistry and I will not be a classroom teacher.  Those are two careers I am sure about.   I can cross them off my list.  What about Alaska or Antarctica though?

Anyways enough philosophizing.  Now, I need to buy a computer.


M said...

this post made me smile ... happy that you seem happy !
And Alaska??? Serious? Let´s make our pathes cross again in Alaska and have an Alaskan adventure together sometime in the future !!!
remember you ll never be cold at night with me, even in Alaska !ptedssig vsublig

Lisa R-R said...

Congratulations! Another exciting project ahead.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the job. please call me sometime. ive got some good news too.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Just passing by and came across your blog. I just received an offer from TFC as well for the PM position. I am contemplating on whether or not I will accept. As you are in China already, do you believe that the salary is sufficient for us located in Yunnan? I am very tempted by the offer and the organization, however the salary is a huge adjustment to my current 'western' views, but I understand the adjustment to the cost of living expected there. Can you provide me with some insight? Thanks!