Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mutton Stew

Yesterday, I played badminton with my counterpart, her high school friends and their wives and husbands.  My counterpart is in her mid-twenties and I found it fascinating that she still hangs out with her high school friends.  Instead of going out for dinner, watching a movie, going camping, or having a wine and cheese party, they rent a badminton court at a local gym and play badminton.  Fun!

I have lived in China for 4 years and have NEVER eaten a mutton soup hot pot.  It was amazing.  A lamb broth, not spicy, filled with chunks of meat, liver, lung, and stomach that is placed on a gas stove.  After fishing out the meat, we then added to the boiling broth plates of vegetables- lotus root, greens, potatoes, dumplings, and rice noodles.  I would highly recommend that if you haven't had mutton hot pot yet ask a Chinese friend to take you.


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M said...

Pretty cool that you're still discovering new things in China after 4 years.... ! I feel I'd get bored after 4 years in one place. Like I looked for another country instead of extending in China... I wonder when I'll stop needing to move?