Friday, March 30, 2012

Is it stupid to...

ride a bike for 1.5 hours in heavy rain whose raindrops sting when they hit and you are soaked through, shoes little puddles, a poncho strapped to the back useless against the torrential storm, riding in amazement at how waterproof skin is compared to the cotton long sleeve shirt, afraid of what is hidden- manholes missing their covers- under the the muddy rivers flowing in the street?

For teachers and students, festivals in China can be annoying.  A 5 day work week becomes a 7 day work week which means more lesson plans and more classroom time.  Saturday and Sunday are make-up days, so that Monday-Wednesday can be 3 days off where Wednesday is Tomb Sweeping Festival.

The only cool thing about this 7 day week is that I was finally able to ride my bike to the countryside campus.  Unlike last semester, this semester I have not been able to commute by bike because I teach one morning class on the city campus and then only have 1.5 hours to commute to the countryside campus.  It just isn't enough time for unforeseen bike troubles plus a shower before class. 

This 7 day work week though allowed me to bike to the the countryside campus.  It was heaven, the weather divine.  The fields blooming with yellow flowers.  The trees covered with pink.  There was a cool breeze and the sun was at perfect strength.  I even considered teaching my Haiku lesson so we could go outside and celebrate nature with poetry.

After 4 hours of class, I hopped back on my bike to ride home but the spring weather had turned into a dark and stormy night.

Sometimes, I might not be the smartest cookie in the jar.  Being all hardcore and biking in the rain, I was lucky.  I saw two accidents on my way home. 

I shivered for 30 minutes waiting for the water to boil for a bucket bath, thinking.. so... hmm..stupid?  

BUT, I LOVE my bike!  The stupid things we do for love eh?

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