Saturday, March 24, 2012

I thought I was right

Never having access to a projector in Gansu, I rarely created lesson plans that needed a computer.

In Chengdu, every classroom that I teach in has a computer and a projector.
I observed a Chinese teacher and she used Word for her lecture.
I thought it was strange, as she struggled changing the 10 pt font to 16, but figured that maybe she didn't know how to use Powerpoint.

Then yesterday a student asked, "Why don't you use Word in your classroom?  Why do you use Powerpoint?"
It was then that I realized, "Teachers at my school usually use Word for their lectures and never use Powerpoint."

Funny...  I thought I knew the right way to give lectures, but here there is an opposite ways of thinking.

I am an American teacher who thinks Powerpoint is the best for presentations.
Chinese teachers at my school think Word is best.

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M said...

Finally caught up with all your posts, been productive when I was not...!
wonder how the next stage will be for you, curious and excited both!