Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live Music

I love drums.

Mongol Folk/Rock was the three word description on the online Events Calendar.  Inviting as many Chinese friends and teachers, we paid 30 RMB, a small risk for us all as we debated in anticipation about whether or not the music would be good and what we might hear.  It was a bigger risk for me especially since the 1,500 RMB living allowance deposit from the USA has been delayed for a week.

It was an incredible music filled experience standing amongst a people packed tiny space in front of a tiny stage where there was a drummer, two singers, two people playing traditional string instruments, a guitar player and bass player, crammed onto a tiny stage all within a hand's reach of each other.  There were about 100 people in the audience and compared to America, most people were short, perfect for this 5'3" woman.  The crowd stood as still as statues as melodic strings filled the air, as throat guttural sounds vibrated, and as the drummer and singers built the energy into a frenzy.  By the end of the 1.5 hour concert, the crowd was slapping their hands raw, bobbing their heads, and shouting for encores as the band explained that they had no more new music.  Wanting to continue to rock in the Mongolian language, the crowd refused to believe them,  "Play another one," they shouted.

Going to the new Little Bar last night was absolutely wonderful.  Throughout the evening, my feet couldn't stop moving and my spirit was filled with the frenzy of joy.

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