Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hot Pot

Seattle hot pot...  I remember it being delicious, meat packed, and spicy?  I actually don't remember if it was spicy.  I just remember it being fun, eating all the meat cooked in broths.

Gansu hot pot...  I enjoyed the mushroom flavored non-spicy individual fondue pots used to boil thinly sliced meat and veggies.  The sesame dipping sauce was divine.

Chengdu hot pot...  Chengdu is famous for its hot pot where there is a debate between the sanitary conditions of re-using hot pot oil versus recycled oil making the food taste better.  I enjoy the spiciness of a huge pot of redness full of numbing peppers, shared by all.  Also, I love it when Chinese people order, so yum- duck tongue, brain, intestine, seafood, seaweed, chicken's feet, and more...  It is an exciting array of textures and flavors.  Love that gritty, crunchiness of tendons and bone dipped in a bowl of oil filled to the max with freshly chopped garlic.

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M said...

They had the reused oil in Lanzhou too... worst puking/diarrhea time ever.... :( I'm glad you're not picky about food cuz I am more than you but you happen to like everything I like :)