Monday, February 20, 2012

Teaching Schedule

Teaching schedule for three courses that meet twice a week with the same students:

1.  Writing
2.  Listening and Speaking (Tourism listening book)
3.  Listening and Speaking (Business listening book); repeated with different students

10-16 hours and 2-3 days off per week
Odd weeks, teach Thursday and Friday, 3 lesson plans (Sweet deal with a 5 day weekend.)
Even weeks, teach Monday, Thursday and Friday, 6 lesson plans  (I am not too worried.  I will figure out a way to slim these 6 lesson plans down into the same plan.)

No more biking to the countryside campus because I will be teaching on two campuses in the same day where in the morning I will teach on the city campus, and in the afternoon I will be on the countryside campus.  The lunch break is not exactly long enough for lunch and biking.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed especially since the school is going to assign me 3 students to start working on an English resource room, plus a bunch of other PC responsibilities like two Project Design Workshops, a Resource Room workshop in Lanzhou, a 2011 annual report, newsletters, COS conference and more...

Will I have the energy for Chinese corner and job hunting?

My teaching schedule and other responsibilities aren't really that overwhelming or am I kidding myself or am I acting like a whiny baby?

As a Volunteer, at what point does one put one's foot down and say, "Sorry I can't.  I don't have the energy to do that."?

I think it will be fine.  Once the semester starts on Thursday, I will find a rhythm and all will be good?

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