Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Favorite Teacher

During the break, my sophomore listening students asked if they could vote for their favorite teacher, a competition that the student union was holding.  In the English only classroom, the leaders went into Chinese mode, handing out ballots and my ears turned off until I caught my name being spoken, "Jennifer Laoshi (teacher) has only been a teacher for 3 years.  It isn't enough.  So you can't vote for her."  That moment was one of those instances that sums up my experience in China:

1.  Wow I can understand Chinese.
2.  Wow the students like me.
3.  Chinese rules are frustrating.

Later in the Tree House students told me, "We are so angry today because we had to vote for our favorite teacher.  The student union gave us a list of three teachers to choose from.  We had never had those teachers before and didn't even know them very well."


M said...

You mean Chinese rules are F*$%# ridiculous!!!
go favorite teacher ! :)

universalibrarian said...

That's funny. I run into the same stuff in different ways. There are all sorts of weird rules over here. I don't even know what to ask about sometimes. Stick in there. Take it as nice that they wanted to vote for you.
Some days as a teacher I am really frustrated and I forget that even on rough days I am usually doing pretty good for the students. It is nice to hear some positive feedback.