Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Electrical Explosions

The first time I heard about an explosion was about a year ago through gmail chat.  
Sitemate:  Umm....Jennifer, my water heater in the bathroom just exploded.
Me: Oh that is scary.

Then I got to hear an explosion for myself.  The other week my PC provided water distiller that removes heavy metals and minerals went POP, with a nice flashy bright explosion.  Now I am truly cursed.  I helped my sitemate carry her HEAVY water distiller back to Chengdu when she COS'd (close of service) and now I have TWO of them to return to Chengdu.  The PC medical officer sent me a new one.

The third explosion was today.  As students were standing up to do the Cupid Shuffle, we heard an explosive POP and the glass from a florescent light bulb dangerously rained upon the four of them.

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