Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tangle of Yarn

The cold weather has driven knitting club from the green garden into my unheated flat.  Plus it gives the students an opportunity to use the computer to pick out which knitting patterns they want to learn how to read and to knit.  So far most of the girls want to knit scarves.

After two hours of knitting club, then there is cooking club.  This past Saturday students made LONG noodles.  It was pretty incredible to see dough being pulled into long strands right there in my tiny kitchen.  It was even more incredible that I got to try to pull some noodles.  Mine tended to snap before they got too long.  

Aren't you excited?  I will be returning to the USA with the know how on making homemade Gansu noodles.

PS.  Happy Halloween.  Tonight I dressed up as a Tuareg alas with no camel.  Tree House Halloween Party will be next Friday.

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M said...

This will be many super duper flashy scarves :)