Thursday, October 07, 2010


Photoblog Theme:  4 day Langmusi Tibetan Horse Trek (Because I can't edit my blogs to create a large photo post about this year's National holiday trip, this week's blog theme will be about my trip to the Gannan Tibetan Automonous Prefecture in Gansu.)

October 1:  At 6:00 am, I walked to the bus station with a pack full of knitted goods and a newly bought jacket with a warm sleeping bag strapped to the back.  I caught a bus to Lanzhou and endured seven hours of Hong Kong gangster movies, sound at full blast.

October 2:  Four of us boarded a full bus to Langmusi.  We were wary of the 10 hour trip; however, only after 7 hours in a daze of confusion, we were thrown off the bus in the middle of nowhere, and received finger gestures of which direction we should start walking.  After two miles under a bright blue sky and warm sunshine surrounded by rolling hills and open green, golden plains, we arrived at a one lane town surrounded by houses, mountains and Tibetan monasteries.  

Our reserved 60 RMB/bed had already been given away, but we were thankfully led to a much cheaper place.  The thin hard beds were only 25 RMB and the latrine was on a floor between the first and the second, an open balcony with a view of the town along with two concrete troughs opening into the river below.  A bucket with a spigot was hanging on the wall as the faucet to wash one's hands.

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