Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Football Practice

Today was soccer practice.  My class has about 44 students and 22 footballs.

What did we do today?

1.  Spent about 20 minutes practicing hitting the ball as many times into the air without it hitting the ground.  I rarely can get past three kicks.

2.  On a mini rectangle field, about a quarter of the size of a basketball court, 20 people ran back and forth dribbling a ball from one end to the next, running into each other while trying to avoid each other.  The teacher would weave in and out of students and kick balls out of the court.  Then he walked to a tree, broke off a whip, and motivated students to avoid him while they were dribbling the ball back and forth.  This was a tiring drill.  I need to get into shape.

3.  Spent about 30 minutes practicing kicking a ball back and forth between two people.  

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