Monday, October 11, 2010

My Fall off a Horse

This is why I fell.  My horse like the one in the picture DID NOT want to cross this dangerous sink hole of mud.  The land was like the swamp of sadness in the Neverending Story.  My horse was the first to go across but absolutely refused while two other horses pushed forward to successfully reach the other side.  The third horse also made it across with a rider in a fit of laughter falling to one side being caught by our guide.  The straps of his saddle broke from the bucking that the horses had to do to jump out of the knee high dangerous leg breaking mud.

My horse was being forced across when my attention was drawn to the laughing rider ahead and the next thing I knew my horse bucked several times and I was eating dirt.  Luckily since the horse sunk to his knees, I was already close to the ground, didn't have a very long distance to fall.  Plus mud is soft.  

For some reason, I just love hitting the ground, tackling people, being hit back, doing physical feats of BAM.  Maybe I should have been a stunt woman.

If you want to watch a video, I can send it to you.  It is a 1.9 MB file.

The other two riders made the wise decision to dismount and walk across while their riderless horses were forced across.


M said...

Zoe Bell huh (found out she was a stunt woman for Xena hhaha)?

This photo is wonderful. It makes me laugh just looking at it.

by the way: here's the link to the video, if you don't want to send it to people. it's unlisted so people can't just look for it on youtube.

let me know if you want me to delete it from there though.

i dig C's "oohhhh god. she's alright. she's alright"

universalibrarian said...

Glad that you are OK. Incredible picture! wow. Sounds like a crazy cool adventure. I like hitting the ground too, when i land flat and kind of loose my breath. Its a very satisfying feeling.
Thank you for the beautiful stories.