Friday, December 17, 2010


The weather has turned into freezing temperatures; however, there has been no precipitation.  Why then as I take the 15 minute walk to the downtown gym does it seem like my city is trying to make an ice skating rink out of the sidewalks, street corners, and round abouts?  The cars have to slow down at the intersections as they cross the slippery stuff.  People trying to cross the street dangerously step in front of moving cars as the wheels hit the slick ice.  I am like "What are you doing?  Don't you know that cars have a difficult time stopping while on ice?"  I wait patiently to cross but still feel the annoyance of having to walk carefully across large slabs of ice that have to have been man made.
While in spinning class, as I was off the saddle climbing hills with an intense beat, my right pedal went flying off the bike along with my foot since it was securely fastened with toe straps.  I had to use all my strength to stop the fly wheel with my left quad as well as pull my flying foot back towards me so as not to kick the woman beside me.  Whew, scary.  Maybe gyms with low quality equipment are not the safest places? 

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