Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artwork upon my Wall

Do artists hang their artwork all over their house, covering their walls with the things they create?  Is it self-centered to hang your own artwork all over your house?  I do it because by staring at the various creations, I problem solve the mistakes then am inspired to do another one differently.
I sort of feel like I am going a bit insane as I spend hours trying to cover my living room wall with color.
Over half of these colorings, the trees and colorful rice paddies, are inspired by photographs by M. Verillaud during her travels in Shanghai, Suzhou and Yunnan.


universalibrarian said...

Some artists do and some artists don't. One of my friends has a beautiful house with the walls covered in her own artwork and yet she is one of the more humble people that I know. I think that part of making art is the recognition and acknowledgment that you are making something special or valuable. If you really believe that you have done so, then it is right to treat your own art with care and reverence and display it where possible. I feel prideful or silly sometimes when doing that or when writing a blog that is all about me and and my own works but I think that it goes beyond pride to the idea of why you are making things at all. If they are being made to be looked at, then they should be.
On the personal note I do the same thing that you wrote about, I like to have my art up because then I think about the ideas that i had when making it and the memories but also what I could do to make something else. I really like your wall of color. thank you for sharing them. If they were sitting the bottom of a drawer, I wouldn't be smiling right now. :)
Have a good day, Keep thinking and making things. You've inspired me to finish my grading faster so I can make something and hang it on my wall or blog too.

universalibrarian said...

K and I both like the two small ones in the middle that look like stained glass. She likes the right and I like the left. the studies with the tree through the door (?) in all of the different colors are nice too.
F & K