Monday, March 14, 2011

Site Exchange

I don't think many volunteers in PC China do site exchanges; therefore, I just want to give an example of our recent site exchange.  Maybe other volunteers might also try to grab the opportunity and do their own exchange.

1. What are your specific goals for requesting a site exchange trip?


Goal 1:  Students and staff of my university will have the opportunity

l        To see how students at a different university are using English to describe photographs about China by attending a photo show of the Gongda English Photo Club

l        To listen to a lecture given by a visiting PCV, M., about self-portraits as well as watch a documentary about children taking photographs about their daily lives

l        To use cameras provided by the Gongda English Photo Club to take their own photos about a particular theme as well as write about the photographs in English


Goal 2:  Tree House participants who are interested in working on a Tree House yearbook will learn about photography and about writing about photographs so that they can use the knowledge to create their own yearbook.


Goal 3:  Students of the Gongda English Photo Club will have the opportunity to discuss our students' photographs and writing.


2. What do you plan to do and what organization and/or people do you plan to visit?





March 10


Travel to my site (6-8 hours by bus)

March 11

12:30-4:30 pm

4:30-9 pm

Photo show

1.5 hour lecture and movie

March 12

9am- 5 pm

Students will borrow cameras to take photos

March 13


Travel back to M.'s site (6-8 hours by bus)


Later during the semester, after the film has been developed, students who took photographs will gather together to write about their photographs and then publish a book of their photographs and English writings.

Success:  About 300 students, teachers, and community members participated in this event.  The photo show was probably one of the first public English language and art displays my university has ever hosted which in my opinion is super cool.  Living in China, how often have I been given the opportunity to attend an art show?

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