Thursday, January 26, 2012

Empty Campus and Career Objective

I left my college when it was still full of students with only one week left of finals.  I returned to a campus where the only people living here are the workers, the people who sweep the grounds, the handy man who fixes anything in a flat, the cafeteria workers, the fruit family.  I wonder why they didn't go home for Spring Festival.

Chengdu, a city of millions, feels like a ghost town.  It is pretty incredible how empty this place is; although, Auchuan was packed.  When I went out to buy food I had to go to Auchuan, a French superstore, because everything around my campus was closed.  That place was packed and I had to wait in a long line for 20 minutes to buy a head of cabbage and meatballs.  I wanted to buy a bunch of dark green leafy veggies but they were super expensive!!!  5 RMB per jin when in Gansu they cost like 0.8 RMB per jin.  I haven't really cooked yet in Chengdu, but after all the wonderful home-cooked meals I have had over the past few weeks, I think buying from the neighborhood farmer's market and cooking would be nice.  I bet when school starts I won't be cooking anymore though.

Next semester I will be teaching writing and oral English on two campuses.  What a nutty commuting schedule I will have again!  Bleh!

I have started applying for jobs.  Is it suppose to take a person hours to write a cover letter?  I think I am too detail oriented somehow trying to match my skills with the job description.  Anyways, if you hear of any openings, let me know. 

Here is my career objective:

Utilize my international experience in West Africa and China along with my science and teaching background to work in a multi-cultural environment to support international education and/or development programs through a capacity in administration, program development, evaluation and training

Any constructive criticism?


M said...

Suits you perfectly ! So I have absolutely no contructive criticism because I totally think this fits you really well and you have amazing skills to offer. And dude! of course your letters should match the skills and the description!
otherwise it's kind of useless. But you'll see that once you have one satisfyling model you can reuse it multiple times adapting it , and it s even easier if you apply to similar types of jobs.
I'm still betting that plate of cheese that you'll get something in less than 4 months :)

universalibrarian said...

Hello Jen,
It's nice to read about what you see in China. I like the New Year festival here for just that feeling, there are some days in Taipei that are completely quiet. But the foreign supermarket is still packed (and over priced) as it is the only place open. I wonder what differences there are between here and there in the customs. I am learning that maybe half of what I see here is Taiwanese and half more recently from China and then thing always change with money and time. For instance on Moon Festival here EVERYBODY barbecues. I assumed it was an old custom but was told that it all happened ten years ago because of a barbecue sauce ad. Funny.
Good luck with the job search. I just went through the process with the international school system but it is definitely based on private schools and privilege so It doesn't quite sound like what you are interested in. My cover letters took a couple of days and multiple editors so if you got yours done in a couple of hours that's really good. With your statement I might edit it this way:
Seeking a position in administration, program development, evaluation and training using (utilize irritates some people) my international experience in West Africa and China along with my science (Biology research (?)I would include the word research if you have done some) and teaching background to support international education and development programs. Don't know if that helps, just thinking.
Have a good day,