Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Impression of Paris

Paris is fantastique!

I am having an amazing experience- the cheese, the bread, the chunks of meat, the life of drinking mint tea and connecting with friends amongst architecture dating to the 1600's-1900's where mini elevators have been added and bay windows open onto tiny balconies from which the Eiffel Tower can be spotted and quaint narrow Parisian streets with people scurrying from here to there in their dark clothes can be seen down below.  Bakeries are on every corner and people even sit at outdoor cafes in the middle of winter.  The Metro gets you everywhere.  The lines outside of museums are long but move fast.  We visited a free exhibit by the artist Sempe who is known for his Paris scenes and covers for the "New Yorker."  Theaters are super warm where I had to strip down to my last layer to see A Dangerous Method by Cronenberg.  Walks in parks and streets are full of wonderous sights from the river, trees, and statues to the shops, towers, domes, gargoyles and columns,   Supper is served late and dinner parties start at 8 pm and go until midnight.  What is this lifestyle of rich pleasure?  Is it for me? 

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