Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Paris was absolutely wonderful.  There were streets to explore; parks to sit in; shop windows to browse; museums to visit; films to see; and English bookstores to spend money in.  I loved the metro and the bikeable, walkable city.  I even liked the late night 8-9 pm dinners which gave a person more hours in a day to enjoy life.

Paris has tempted me back to the west.  All the things I cringe about that exist in the USA- car culture, fast food, television, the security of the American dream- were forgotten.  Only the lovely things that I miss while living abroad in Africa or China existed while I was on holiday.  Yes, I know the honeymoon phase of a vacation, in no way predicts the reality of the future, but at least I caught a bit of the western spirit making me ready to finally leave China.

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