Friday, September 11, 2009

A busy day

Today, still in my pajamas, I had my first Chinese lesson of the semester. I mistakenly thought the lesson was for Friday morning.

I may have a new motivation to learn Chinese. If I would like to try for a high paying English teaching job in Taiwan, I need to be able to speak some Mandarin.

Today I went to a wedding. I saw a beautiful bride dressed in white with a red scarf covering her face. I saw a groom dressed in a suit and two red sashes. There was fog. There was bright yellow shooting sparks. There was a huge meal full of meat, including turtle soup, shell, head and feet included. There were loud singers and a man who played a wind instrument with his nose. The meal was eaten and zoom, everyone left in a huge crowd pushing their way out of the banquet hall. With the ceremony only lasting 10 minutes, it was an eat and run wedding.

Today I went to a coffee shop, sat on a big comfy couch, knitting an ugly multiple-colored experimental knee high sock and drank peppermint tea out of a bottomless tea pot.

Today I learned that I won't have to teach next week except for two hours. My 8 hours of Freshmen listening classes will have a different teacher for next week. He will educate them on how to use the listening lab.

Maybe next week I will start knitting a sweater.

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