Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Class, for Real

After many weeks of thinking I would teach, I finally taught today. My first student came in and instantly started asking me a ton of questions in Chinese. I politely said hello in English and proceeded to turn on the energy and the computers to activate the listening lab. About 70 students filed in and it was funny to watch their faces slowly start understanding that this class was being taught by an American in English.

Today was the second day of sun in weeks. I rode my bike to work. I forgot how much fun it is to actually use a bicycle for transportation and not just for pleasure and exercise.

It is funny how work can jump start productivity other than knitting. Tonight we picked our Tree House Library volunteer workers and have lots of ideas for other projects from a book reading competition, to writing clubs, French clubs, and an English tutoring center. Also, I am making a peanut butter soup full of veggies and pork. Instead of just eating jello and instant noodles, I actually cooked. Teaching jump starts productivity.

Today was the first day of teaching and actually it was the only class that I am teaching this week. Next week I will have a "full load" of 10 hours leaving plenty of time for secondary projects and of course knitting.

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