Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Living overseas, I rarely have ever asked for anything coz well I am happy making do with the goods of whatever country I am living in. I did need Dramamine which my mother kept me supplied with. Thank you Mom.

Because China is full of yarn stores, I don't really need this item, but I kind of want it.

The one item on my Christmas Wish List is

the beautiful multi-colored
Noro Yarn

If you are interested in giving me some, you can either send it to Colorado where some of my friends are preparing to come visit China in December or you can directly send it to my college in China. (Email me and I will send you whatever address you need.)

You can even throw in an extra ball of yarn and request that I make you something. I love knitting and make too many of everything filling the free box full of knitted goods. Put in your requests and I will knit it for you. It would be so much nicer knitting for someone specific rather than a random free box.

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