Thursday, October 22, 2009

Class and Poor Boy Cap

Yesterday I had a full day of Freshmen listening classes plus two hours in the Tree House. It was a full American work day, 8 hours, and I am not used to that. I feel asleep at 9.

In class, students were volunteering every which way and were showing their enthusiasm by trying to stand faster than their classmates to speak English and tell me about their dreams and the dreams of their parents. The dreams of Chinese students were to be able to travel, to have a happy and healthy life, to become translators, and Chinese teachers to foreigners, to make a lot of money. Their parents' dreams were that their children would finish college, find a good job, and have a happy life with their own family. We spent the first hour doing boring listening exercises out of the book and then we switched it up and had a lesson on dreams using the clip of Britian's Got Talent's Susan Boyle.

This morning before my Chinese lesson, I finished the Poor Boy's Cap (pattern).

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