Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vest Project

Here is the vest I finished knitting today. The pattern can be found at The Daily Knitter. It is the second piece of clothing that I have ever put together.

I still cannot figure out gauge very well. The first attempt was way too big, but from that ripped out start I calculated a better size. I started over again; however, the vest was way too short and I had to add 6-8 inches at the bottom. I learned how to undo stitches from the cast on side in order to lengthen it.

Undoing stitches from the bottom cast on takes forever. It took like 3 hours. I learned two techniques. The first technique from the book stitch n bitch was just unweaving the whole thing. It took forever which was why I was up till 3 am. It would have taken another million hours if I hadn't found the second technique of just snipping one piece of thread.

On my trip to Chengdu I found some soft beautiful yarn and forgot that I had told myself not to buy anymore yarn until I had finished up all of my stashed yarn. Oh well, I am happy with the purchase and finished a warm scarf with the free fat arm-length wooden needles that the shop keeper gave me.

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Lien said...

That vest looks awesome. I didn't do any colourwork for a long time. And yeah, frogging ribbing from the bottom up is crazy-making.