Thursday, October 15, 2009

What shall I do for work?

Some knitters and people who crochet like complicated patterns, like airy lace fabrics, like creating fancy motifs, like following a chart, like having to keep their brains on in order not to make a mistake.

I am someone who likes repetitive plain and simple knit and purl, someone who likes a pattern that is easily memorized and repeated throughout the piece, a pattern where I don't have to concentrate but can watch a movie, listen to a podcast, or have a conversation.

My knitting personality might also indicate the type of work I like. Yesterday I spent 6 hours teaching three listening classes that were exactly the same. I liked it. I wasn't bored, but enjoyed the ability to fine tune the lesson plan into something great for the lucky last class of the day. I do the same thing when I knit. I have ripped out completed projects and knit them again in a better way. It doesn't bore me.

I enjoy practicing towards perfection.

When I think back on my school days, what did I enjoy?
I enjoyed figuring out a problem and redoing them over and over again.

When I think back on my laboratory days, what did I enjoy?
I enjoyed washing dishes.

I worked in a bakery.
I worked at a temp agency doing construction.
What did I enjoy?
I enjoyed the repetitive movement towards a finished project.

I was looking at government science jobs online and I cringed as I read the job duties.

One day I shall return to the states, then what?


alison said...

Teach science to some kiddos. I think you'd be a very even-keel high school chemistry teacher.

debeh said...

Lab bench work is very repetitive and can be contemplative.