Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Local Crime Report

Last year as they were walking the busy street on a Sunday afternoon, a Swedish couple saw a man with long chopsticks pulling something out of a girl's back pocket. They hollered and the man ran away while the girls turned quickly and saw crazy looking foreigners yelling.

A month ago, screams were heard from the girls' dormitory as a cat burglar snuck around the sleeping rooms stealing cell phones and money, hiding out in dark corners until the morning when the building would be unlocked again.

Several weeks ago, in the darkness of the evening in front of her apartment, the purse of a middle school English teacher from Israel was snatched right offer her shoulder. She lost 800 kuai. Also, that same day, her bike had been stolen.

Last Thursday, as I was walking in the market, three men came screaming towards me and two of them tackled the other landing at my feet, pulling out large shiny silver handcuffs. They roughly picked up the middle aged man and cuffed him.

Last night at 9 pm, at one of the only dance clubs in my town- an empty club with about 30 people moving and shaking and plenty of chairs to sit in- while dancing, out of the corner of my eye just like a Hong Kong action movie, I saw a man fly through the air trying to kick another. The crowd raced off the dance floor and watched from the wings as the two men tried to hit each other with beer bottles, throwing them, missing each other, grabbing another and trying to hammer them on each others heads, while their women with tears running down their faces screaming at the men, tried to pull them away from the fight.

And that ends my crime report.


alison said...

Yikes!!! Did you conceal yourself under one of your cool new hats like a superhero? Also I am copying you on the poor boy hat; I'm about 1/4 done.

Dr. Jen said...

Cool! You will have to post the picture. Lots of people like the hat and several of the foreigners in my city want one.