Thursday, March 04, 2010

Differences in thinking

Several American women responded to the survey in my blog titled Am I different because I am an American or because I am an individual?

In the post I was trying to determine if Americans would answer the two questions that I asked my Chinese students the same way I answered the questions.  Did I answer the question the way I did because of my culture or because I am just a unique individual?  The Chinese students all answered the questions the same way, so I would assume their answers were culture based.  

The American answer to the question about teenagers had a similar theme of searching for one's identity as an independent individual which was different than the Chinese answer.  The American answer to the question about the elderly was more similar to the Chinese answer.

In conclusion, my answers to the questions mirrored American answers.  I am American; therefore, I think like an American.

Below are the results to the survey:

Question:  What are the major themes and issues of being a teenager?

Chinese College Seniors

American Women






  • Freedom; independence from parents (my answer)
  • Kids rebelling and trying to find their own identity
  • Finding yourself, your personality, seeing yourself separate from your parents
  • Fitting in, being cool, being yourself
  • learning independence, discovering who you are
  • Finding out who you are and bonding with people in your own way

Question:  What are the major themes and issues of being an elderly person?

Chinese College Seniors

American Women





Enjoy life and take care of grandchildren

  • Dealing with losing independence due to health problems (my answer)
  • Look back to see accomplishments and being reflective about life
  • Enjoying who you are and what you created
  • Staying healthy, staying connected with family
  • Doing things you enjoy
  • Enjoying your life, and discovering how important your influence is on younger people; giving back to the younger generation

Thank you to the 5 American women who answered the survey.

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