Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unconfident as a Literature Teacher

Having no one to teach can be discouraging especially after spending a lot of time planning; however, I personally like the stories and themes that I have chosen to teach in the English short story course. If I like what I am doing and am excited about it, then hopefully it won't matter if my teaching reaches one student or a hundred.

I am excited about the next story, david sedaris' "Us and Them." Plus I found a really interesting review by Clay Burell about teaching that particular story. It felt somehow validating that a story that I picked to teach (author and stories recommended by my sitemate and a PCV in Langzhou) other teachers also use in their literature classes. As a science major, it has been years since I have had to remember how I was taught literature and am not very confident that I am doing it right.


M said...

Don't let this class ruin your moral or your confidence (hahaha I know what I'm talking about) : if YOU enjoy it those in class will as well. Plus, David Sedaris is really fun!

Dr. Jen said...

Today the class that only had one student had 16 students. I was super happy when I entered class, but then got super pissed off. Why? Coz out of 16 students there were only 2 copies of the short story. A few students read the story and paid attention while the rest read other books.