Thursday, March 04, 2010

heartbeat of Chinese babies

My senior class studied the poems about Annie's mother's pregnancy from Sharon Creech's book heartbeat.

They enjoyed the simple language that revealed the heart-felt emotions of growing up and how a family comes together to welcome a new baby.  They said that it was a good way to learn about the steps of pregnancy and what happens during the 9 months.

I learned some tidbits about pregnancy in China.

Many students agreed with the following answers to my pre-reading questions about pregnancy in China:

1.  Women don't usually publicly announce that they are pregnant to their friends.  Once they start showing then friends start guessing eventually coming to the right conclusion as the woman grows bigger and bigger.

2.  It is illegal to test for the sex of an unborn baby.

3.  Babies will sleep with the parents until they are 1-5 years old.

4.  Fathers cannot be in the hospital room while the mother is giving birth.

5.  It is very important for the mother to stay in bed at home for one month after giving birth.

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universalibrarian said...

Hello Jen,
The thing about staying in bed for a month after birth is pretty strong here too. I guess the grandparents traditionally take complete care of the baby during that month and really pamper the mother, she is not meant to touch water, to read (strains the eyes) to cook, pretty much you name it. We have a colleague who is pregnant now and is getting ready for after the birth. (she also did not announce, just told people when they saw her puking in th morning) The interesting cultural thing that happens here is that with families not necesssarily living together with parents many women don't have someone to take care of them so there are buinesses called "post partum care" that pamper mothers and take care of the baby for the first two months. They can be very expensive and either in home or at a center. Some of them run like a spa. Women are meant to come out of the experience rejuvinated super healthy. Could be nice. (except for the not reading thing)