Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Tidbits

Something sad
Yesterday my gas tank ran empty.

Something amazing
There is street food everywhere, fried breads, pineapples peeled ready to be instantly eaten, boiled corn, deep fried chickens, bakeries the size of closets making cakes and cookies using huge ovens, and sweet potatoes cooked in large metal drum barrels. Here there is a connection between the consumer and the supplier. In America, the supermarket culture has replaced the open market culture.

Something observed
Invited to lunch by 6 freshmen roommates, we ate rice and green pea porridge plus cold noodles out of bowls lined with plastic bags. It is easier to wash the dishes by using the disposable plastic bags they said.

Something fun
In my senior class today, I held a lottery good luck ritual to find the leader of the class who will lead the class to a prosperous future. The students were super excited and just loved it even though they didn't realize that the winner would receive a prize of an instant milk tea packet. Their moods changed though after we finished reading, Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."

Something surprising
The movie we showed last week, 7 Pounds, caught students interest because I have been receiving a bunch of questions about it. They didn't understand the movie fully and really want to know what it was about.

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