Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Different coz I am an American or different coz I am an individual?

I have finished teaching the first short story class to all three classes of seniors about 90 students. During class as an introduction to the theme of human behavior we explored the ideas of life stages, universal human characteristics and cultural human characteristics.

I asked the students what are the different life stages in a person's lifetime starting with birth and ending with death.

We all basically came up with the same idea:
Birth, Childhood, Teenage Years, Adulthood, Old Age, and Death

But then when I asked what were the major themes and issues of each particular life stage, all of my students across the three different classes came up with the same answer for the teenage years and old age. Their identical answer was very different than mine.

So then I started wondering was my answer different than theirs because I am an individual or because I am an American? If asked the same questions, would Americans all come up with the same answer?

I want to take a survey and see what the results are. Please answer the questions off the top of your head like you have 30 seconds to answer them all.

1. Which culture are you from?
2. What are the major themes and issues of being a teenager?
3. What are the major themes and issues of being an elderly person?

After collecting some answers, I will post my findings, comparing the answers that the Chinese students gave with the answers from people from other cultures.


alison said...

1) American culture, based in New England
2) Finding out who you are and bonding with people in your own way
3) Enjoying your life, and discovering how important your influence is on younger people; giving back to the younger generation

debeh said...

1. U.S.
2. learning independence, discovering who you are
3. doing the things you enjoy