Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Last Days of the Term

For the past two weeks, I've been working full days- teaching in the mornings, holding 20 minute interviews with students from my English Short Stories class, listening to English songs final exam performances, and giving and grading written exams.
This week is my last week of finals.  I scheduled four listening exams for Monday and Tuesday of this week but then last week, the students told me that they were getting a three day holiday for the New Year.  I scrambled to reschedule the Monday exams for Tuesday, but then yesterday students called me and said, "Jennifer there are no buses from our hometown back to school because of the snow.  The roads are too bad."  Great... Now I have to schedule a makeup exam for the students who miss today's exam.
Wednesday will be a grading frenzy, 130 papers.
Tonight is the Tree House worker party, a thank you to this term's volunteers.
These last days of the term are dragging; however, I am luckier than the students.  Their final exams end January 16th.
Will Monday ever arrive, Monday, the day I take off for Harbin?

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