Friday, January 07, 2011

Rainbow Hat

I love this pattern called Wurm by katushika which is a free Ravelry download.  I have knitted this hat four times.  Many of the hats that I see being worn by people in my city are very similar to this pattern.
I wanted to write a blog post called The Zen of Grading after spending a day and a half finishing up 122 listening finals, but somehow after grading all of them I was no longer inspired especially after the first day when I ran out of red ink.

How did I feel after I submitted all my grades on Thursday?



Actually I felt drained and just needed a good chill day having a Miyazaki animated film fest watching the movies dubbed in Chinese with terrible English subtitles while knitting away on this hat.
Also, here are a few questions that have been plaguing my mind.  During my travels, maybe I will answer them while sitting in cafes drinking coffee and eating Russian caviar.
  1. Why don't I invest in my friendships such that I have long term friends compared to my typical habit of making friends where I am living, moving away, then losing touch?
  2. Am I really happy as a loner?
  3. Why am I afraid of people?
  4. Why in the movie Fight Club do the characters visit support groups?  Do I need a support group?

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