Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Miss Meany

Why have I become a Miss Meany?  Why do I have a short fuse with a low tolerance for things?  Why do I feel stressed, angry, and just argh, frustrated?
It is the end of the semester.  I should be feeling light as a feather, at ease, relaxed, happy.  Instead I am feeling tense, angry, and just not very happy. 
Why?  Why?  What about? 
I don't know. 
Just in general, I am feeling strict and mean. 
I don't want to hear students' stories about why they didn't turn in their homework.  I don't want to hear why students missed the final exam.  I don't want to bicker over points so they can get a passing grade.  I don't want to argue about whether or not talking to your neighbor during an exam is cheating.  I don't want to grade exams.
I am not a perfect Peace Corps Volunteer to whom nothing bad ever happens, who always has a smile, who is always culturally appropriate, who is not critical nor stressed.  Many of us, even the oldest veterans get frustrated.
But as a veteran, I know that Miss Meany will pass. 
Like a stone that is thrown into a still pond, the waves will soon calm again.


M said...

besides the grading part, you have all good reasons to be mean and strict.
but I'm now really tempted to call you Mademoiselle Méchante. hahahahaha

florc@gci.net said...

This morning I spent a couple hours reading your blog and enjoying your knitting section. I just want to say - Thank you. I appreciated your honesty, candidness, love of knitting and general sharing of pieces of your life. I look forward to reading past years of yours in the future. Our knitting group just shared the cup holders and used it to share how to switch colors. The cup holders apparently are popular w/teens here, since everyone has a purchased coffee in their hands.

universalibrarian said...

You're not alone in that. I get that way when I don't get enough sleep at the end of the semester and just want the system that I have worked hard to make fair and good to work well. Hang in there. Hope you have a good break coming up.