Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hat for Harbin

I finished knitting this hat for the freezing temperatures of Harbin, temperatures that create the tourist attraction of ice sculptures.  The hat is a Halloween mask called Jackyll and Hide by SAS Knits It Again (found at Knitty: Fall 2007), but I made some modifications to it by adding a hole for the mouth.  The reason I like this pattern is because the mask can be converted into a stylish hat.  It is a functional piece of clothing.  The only problem is the hat is a little small and tight.  Hopefully it will stretch out.
Notes for knitters:


By trying on the hat, I was able to estimate where my mouth was.

Row 1: K2, Bind off 11, knit around
Row 2: WS purl around
Row 3: RS, Knit around
Row 4: RS, k2, CO 11, knit around
Next rows: Stockinette until eye holes, about 17 more rows
  • Mask is too small. I was using a US needle 4 instead of a US 6 so if I was to make this mask again with a US 4, I would CO 112.
  • In my opinion for my face, the eye-holes are too big. I would make them smaller and would make the part that covers the bridge of the nose and that goes between the eyes more narrow.
  • I accidentally did not make the neck long enough, did not do the stockinette part long enough before adding the mouth. When converting the mask into a hat, the bottom part isn't long enough to cover the eye-holes.
Otherwise this is a really easy and great pattern! I think the hat looks good and the mask is extremely useful. I like clothing that is functional.

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M said...

hahahahah dude we gonna look like two terrorists in Harbin. I have a similar type of hat (is it really a hat? always thought that was called balaklava helmet), in black.